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Engine Shudder Rx400h

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Has anyone had this problem? mainly happens at stop lights when starting up. There is a slight shudder (as the dealer calls it, says it is normal in all RX400h Hybrids) when the ICE starts up when you accelerate from a traffic light or sometimes hear it at stop & go traffic when going from battery operation to the ICE start.

I also hear it in the morning when the car is cold & start backing out of the driveway, only it is louder in the morning. Feel the shudder by my left foot rest.

Did stop buy the dealer last Saturday & took their demo for a ride, I noticed it in the demo also. Seems to less of a problem after the car is warmed up, but you can still feel it. Is this just something you have to get used to. This is a repost with corrected spelling.

Thank You, Phil

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