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Ac Housing / Condenser Etc

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My car's AC Drip line had a clog in it resulting in Mold growing inside the Box that houses the Condenser for the AC. I traced it back up under the passenger dash board and removed all of of stuff requred to open it up... Well got inside of it and cleaned up dog hair, leaves, etc that got sucked up in there and cleared out the line... Only problem is that now to put it back correctly, I would like to ask anyone if they have a PDF of how to R/R that box up and related parts... if anyone has such information that would be great... I can trade for some free shipping via DHL/AIRBORNE (a good amount)....

Let me know..... any help is appreciated.... or reach me via cell phone @ 714/476.6476 or toll free (after 10am) at 888.252.8274 X 102


Shawn G

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