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About To Buy 93 With 93k For 7k


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Car is in very good condition, but needs....

1. New front tires

2. Lights in dash need to warm up when its cold to come on

3. 90k timing belt

Owner states it was garaged all winters and has LEXUS records for first 75k of car. Front end felt fine, car drove and looked in good shape. A few knicks on back side fender..

Just curious of your opinion.. Thanks

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That price isn't too bad - especially since it has the service records and a new timing belt. $6500 would be a better deal though. You can have the dash lights taken care of for $250 with Jim Walker - I just had mine done and they are working great now.

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I completly agree with you.. This guy has a ton of money and his wife had to smack him around to drop it to 6900.. I am at the point where my time and effort is worth more then 400 bucks..

The car needs a new timing belt (90k), but overall I am happy with the price.. Do you have contact for the dash guy?

Do the exhausts in these car go?? Seems they last forever.. No unusual smells or anything, but I was just curious


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Sorry, I misread your post about the timing belt - I thought that it had already been done. If that's the case then I would cite the owner as not having kept up w/ the maintenance on the car and get him to drop the price. When negotiating, use the estimate that the timing belt will cost @ $1000 to have the job done. I'd guess that he will not want to put that type of money into it at this point so he may be more willing to negotiate. Tell him you have looked at other LS400s w/ similar mileage where the timing belt had been done and they were @ the same price. Even at $6900 it's still not a bad deal.

I've never heard of any problems w/ the exhaust going out on them, but I guess too many harsh CT winters with road salts could eventually do it in. Have someone put it on a lift to check it out.

As to the instrument cluster - do a serach here (or on eBay) for Jim Walker. There are other imitators out there, but Jim is the real deal. He will take care of you ASAP and he stands behind his work. The instrument cluster is an expensive item to replace and I wouldn't trust it to anyone else.

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I am getting LEXUS checked out today for 100 bucks.. After this I am going to make a decision based on evaluation.

Although the timing belt has not been changed I get see owner has taken care of car. He has about 12k records on basic repairs straight from the LEXUS dealer. What more could one ask for..

After searching for a while and driving other cars, I will complete one more review and then go from there..

I think there is a point where its more of a headache to press for a few hundred cut.. SO this price may have to do.

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One way I look at this is a 93 with 93 is about 5k less then a 95 (11,500).. So in my eyes I could in all reality put 40k miles on 93 and still sell for 4-5.. Even three I get half my money back.. At that point I would proably just keep car as a backup.

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Make sure you run a CarFax before purchasing. I almost bought a Lexus w/ advertised 50k miles but after a background check discovered that the odometer was tampered with....actual milage over 150k....almost got jacked into the deal.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys and ladies.. This is what I got for 7,000 bucks. What a steal..

Right now I am bummed since I am 1400 miles away from her.. One kewl thing is I am researching all the little extras that will make her even better!!

1. Xenon light... Anyone know where and how much? Do I need an adaptor? $150

2. White front corner lights (instead of orange): $45

3. Blue interior lights (primarly floor).. Anyone know stock number and where? $50

4. New tires. Trying to balance all year radial with performance and duration? $450

5. Jim Walker.. Dash lights.. $250

6. Anything else you can think of?

BONUS: My father is getting LEXUS detailed before I come home so I am excited!

Funny story is my dad is one of those guys who can and will not listen to their son. So when I stated I was getting a 93LS he for the most part thought I was iggnorant. Well now he is in love with the car. It's really funny.. On top of that the money I save yearly on taxes and insurance is thousands of dollars.

I love this car and the minor amounts of money to repair normal maintenance is still thousands less then the taxes on a new Saturn or Ford. On top of that my new career as a financial/investment advisor people think I am making a fortune. I look the part as a rich prep kid with the hot chick, but my 70k salary is nothing to brag about!!

Thanks for all the guidance and information provided by the wonderful members of this club!!

I will show more pictures of the inside when I get home.. For the most part after the detail it will be prefect!



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