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Seat Memory Problem

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Hello all,

I have a 98 es300, and recently, my seat memory buttons would stop working. i press them and there is no beep as it usually does and the seat does not change position.

However, if i leave the car overnight and try the button again in the morning, it works... no problems, i dont' even have to press hard or anything.

Is there a battery i need to replace somewhere for the seat memory? or is this something else? Seems strange that it would work and not work without me touching it.

Any advice would be appreciated! THANKS!

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I was having this same issue on my car and found out that you have to have the key in the on position and your foot OFF the brake pedal for the memory function to work. If your foot is on the brake when you push the button, it doesn't even beep. It took some time to get used to this, since it's habit for me to have my foot on the brake when adjusting things and starting the car. Give it a try...

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I used to just press the memory button right before leaving the car, no foot on the brake and no key in the car and it worked. Now it only works once in a while...

should still work right? even without the key in the on position, since it worked before?

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My memory switches doesn't beep. If I press either 1/2 it will change the setting, but the key must be left in the ignition. It beeps only when I try to do a new setting (pressing SET and either one of the buttons 1/2 simultaneously).

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