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Nak System Gremlin?


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Hi Guys!! :)

I hope everyone is OK.

I washed my LS yesterday and then went for a long drive. Half way through my drive the stereo quit. Or should I say - it stopped making NOISE. Everything seemed to be working - on the deck itself so I figure it must have been the amp. Maybe it got wet? I don't know. I stopped at the side of the road because I thought maybe it would be best to pull the radio fuse. I found the fuse but couldn't find a fuse puller. [as described in the owner's manual] When I would turn off the stereo - a loud clicking sound would come through the speakers. [like the sound old kitchen radios used to make when turned off] There would be two loud clicks. And then more clicks. [even though the radio was left OFF] This was quite frustrating. Then all of a sudden - it came ON again. It stayed on for about 10 minutes and then quit. 10 minutes later - it was on again. By that time I was home. I'm anxious to find out if it works tomorrow. [Monday] Could it have got wet somehow? Have any of you experienced this?

Craig!! :)

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