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Costco Auto Program


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Has anyone out there used the Costco Auto Program to buy a Lexus RX 330? If so, what was your experience like? Did you get the car and options that you wante? Was it a "deal?"

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Check out this thread.


Its a good idea to check it out as it costs you nothing. But, as an FYI, the last list I looked at from my dealer had RX330s excluded from their list because they were selling so well and could not hold on to any. I am expecting to take delivery on my new TC in the next few days.

Do like I did, negotiate a deal and check yourself againsnt the Costco price list, the fleet manager should have the last few months of the price list available for you to check out if he is cool, even if he can't give you a current discount based on that list due to availability.

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If you are going through the costco program, the dealer has to show you costco's discounted price. When I purchased my RX330 (04), I initially went in talking to the salesman that deals with costco customers. However, when he showed me the invoice and the discount, I still thought that I was going to be paying too much. Then the guy told me, "What price is comfortable for you?" I ended up paying 39K before taxes.

Do your homework, research prices, and know your price limit. Again, set up an appointment or talk with the fleet manager or internet managers. They can give you the best deals or discounts. If they haven't ran your credit yet, don't give them that information yet until you've settled on a price that you like. In this case, they're not sure how much you can really afford. Don't let them play with your emotions. Meaning, don't get too attached to the vehicle. If the price doesn't fit, walk away. That's what I did. The salesperson had to come out to my vehicle while I was leaving, and tell me that they can work with my offer.

Good luck! :)

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I used Costco in 96 to purchase my Maxima. At the time it was nearly impossible to find a manual transmission anywhere in SoCal. I called and spoke with the saleswoman that was listed in the Costco directory, but she was unable to obtain the vehicle I wanted. However, she referred to me the fleet manager from a different company and I was able to get *almost* exactly what I wanted, sans the Bose system. It was an excellent experience and I got the car at just above the dealer's invoice price.

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