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1996 Lowering With My Rims.

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i have a 1996 es300, and i just got installed some 18X8 chrome motegi dpk rims. Now i want to lower it,but ive got a couple concerns.

i know the eubach camry springs fit the lexus but what about the H&R ones? heres the link.


does anyone know if my car will rub? i have 3 inch gap with the fender up front and liek a 1.75 inch gap with the fender in the back.

but the gap between the front tire and that strut thingy is only 1 inch in the back. does that make a difference? does lowering the car make the thing come closer the the tires?

i think i want these and not the eubaachs b\c 1" doesnt sound liek enough and 1.6 is too much without definate rubbing. so these are 1.3 froint and 1.25 rear which evens the front and back A LITTLE and its sorta in the middle.

ALSO will i need to buy a camber kit, or will i have little camber?

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before you did any sort of lowering youd wanna make sure the offsets on your wheels are appropriate.

With your second choice in suspension, ill tell you now that the ride will be very rough, and you may not like it. I stuck with the first one cause like u, im pretty young and this is my only daily driver. And take my advice on the fact that the eibachs are just overall much better balance between comfort and leaness in driving. with that you can get either KYB's for a smoother ride or Tokico's for a stiffer ride as the struts. Either will work nicely.

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