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My New '92 Sc 400

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I just got my '92 sc 400 on Monday. It's got 63,000 miles, and is almost perfect condition. I can't believe it's a 13 year old car. I've had a few corvettes and love the way they handle, but they seem to distintegrate after a couple of years. The SC has not quite as much punch, but it drives great and everything works.

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I've had lots of cars but my 92 is the best one so far! I put some rims on, put a cold air intake on and it smokes most cars out there. I still haven't figured out the easiest way to change the spark plugs yet. You will love it on long road trips. Check mine out, click my profile!

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That you could find one with so few miles is incredible. With good maintenance the car should still be going strong long after you have become bored with it.

My 95 SC400 with 146000 miles is my all time favorite car. The car is rock solid at any speed. I love to drive this car. The engine doesn't really kick in untill 90 when it reaches into it's depths and pours on gobs of power. It's really something. But they are not real quick from zero to fourty, at least compared to some.

Are they quirky? Sure. The most critical maintenance is to keep the radiator overflow tank at the full mark. Only slightly low and the climate control system won't work right, heater won't work, etc.. If your heater quits check this first. Behind that keep all your fluid levels where they belong, break fluid even slightly low and the break light will come on.

The most quirky part of the car is the 12CD changer. If a cd is playing and you turn off the player, then eject the cartridge, then change the cd's, the changer gets confused and will quit playing altogether. To fix this, eject the cartridge, take it out, close the changer door, then eject again. The cd will be on the floor of the changer. Put it all back in the cartridge and reinsert the cartridge, all should be well.

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