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Usage Of Gas ?


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Own a 04 .. GX 4700 .. having a problem with egg smell .. Dealer tells me it's the knid of gas I'm using .. They tell me to switch to gas to a higher octane .. they can do a fix .. by doing something with the catalic converter .. anyone else having this problem ??


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Every other wk, I experience the scent of rotten eggs through my vents. From what I have read it may be an exhaust defect within the CAT. Not exactly sure but I personally would rather not think to much about it b/c that bad boy (CAT) will put a dent in your wallet if it needs replaced. Hopefully your car is under warranty or falls unders the federal emmissions warranty.

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TY for the information.. Yes.. my Lexus is under warranty .. just wondering if it really needs to have a fix or if using a different fuel will correct the problem ..

what fuel octane do yu use ??

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Initially, I sporadically used 93 but religiously stuck w/ 93 Octane after i experienced an EGR issue. My EGR valve failed me and needed full replacement. I havent run into any other issues but I am assuming that my fault EGR valve may have caused some build up in the CAT. If I were you, I would stick w/ high quality octane gas. I only use Shell, BP, Sunoco and Exxon. Furthermore, after every oil change I drop a bottle of SEAFOAM into the gas tank. This has really reduced the hesitation and increased gas mileage. You can purchase a bottle ($5) at your local auto zone.

I am planning on having a Motorvac Carbon service done which you should also consider. From what I hear:

"MotorVac kicks @$$. This $h!t cleans everything behind the throttleplates all the way to the catcons, and in two cases I've personally seen, convinced a man to hang on to his car when he was previously convinced that he needed a new engine. It continues to work after the initial process; if you could plan a long distance highway trip immediately after the cleaning, that would be ideal."

This service may help make for cleaner emissions overall and that is less junk for your catalytic converter to handle.

Also, at one point, I thought about changing my fuel filter but Lexus said it was a lifetime filter....whatever that means.

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this sounds like the sulfur problem

The dealer told me it was a sulfur issue.. I have been using unleaded 87 octane .. switched to BP Ultimate gas . higher octane 93 .. to me to clean out the old fuel ..

the dealer has ordered me a new cataliac Converter .. there is a Bullentin out & a fix which will be to replaced the cataliac Converter .. which will take care of any egg smell ..

says this is a issue for some gx470 .. that have the older cataliac Converter when built ..

it runs fine with the higher octane ..that you for information I'll be sure always use the higher octane ..

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