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Lowering A 1993 Ls400


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Hi Guys!! :)

Just thinking out loud.

I often see websites [like Eibach] that offer lowering springs for the LS. ['dropping' the car an inch all around] It all sounds so wonderful. But what REALLY happens to an LS when it's lowered? How DOES being lowered effect an LS? Would it really handle better? Would you no longer have a comfortable car? What else would a person have to do? I can't imagine it's just a matter of replacing the coils - is it? There must be more to it than that? And what about the rest of the suspension - does being lowered negatively effect the other components of the car? [steering, brakes, etc.] Could you use OEM struts and bushings and sway bars and all the rest of it? Have any of you lowered your LS? If so - would you do it again given the chance to go back in time? Have you got an hour to respond to these questions?! lol


Craig!! :)

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While the LS would look good a little lower, be prepared to sacrifice your ride quality. The LS' suspension is specifically tuned for the car and for a smooth ride. If you replace the suspension you are definitely going to change the way the car rides. You'll feel more bumps, etc. but the ride will be more sporty and firm if that's what you are going for. If you lower the car you may also want to get some 18's to take advantage of the sporty ride with some low profile tires, but again - be prepared to lose the ride quality on 18's.

As to the parts - you can replace just the coil springs and get your drop. But be warned that your OEM struts may not last too long if they're not replcaed at the same time. You may also be looking at a negative camber if you lower the car. If you really want to do it right and not just half a$$ then you'll need to replace the springs, struts, strut mounts (if they've not been replaced inthe last 5 years) and possibly get a camber kit as well, alignment, etc. Unfortunately to do it right the price goes from about $500 P&L for springs only to about $1200 P&L with the struts, etc.

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Hi branshew!! :)

I appreciate the response.

The idea of a better handling LS appeals to me - so what you said certainly gives me something to think about. When I'm driving my NSX - it handles like a dream and yet it doesn't seem to hit bumps harder than my LS. Then again - I think my LS could use a new set of struts. [and coils springs - come to think of it - considering how the car sits lower on the driver's side than on the passenger's site] Would a lowered LS [with everything you suggested] drive more like a GS400 or more like a F150?!


Craig!! :)

ps Anyone HERE with a lowered 1st generation LS?!

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I doubt seriously that it would ride like a F150 because the suspension isn't as stiff and you don't have leaf springs in the rear.

It may be closer to a GS but not really the same since ths suspension you are putting on wasn't specifically designed by Lexus for the LS.

This is what you should get - the best of all worlds:

Bose Suspension

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"Suspension" and "handling" and "ride" are complex issues involving much more than just springs and shocks. There's unsprung mass, bushings, valving, geometry, design, alignment, tires, air pressure, etc.

But to be sure there are springs that are designed to ride lower without sacrificing much ride quality by having similar rebound rates as the OE springs. The only thing that can be sure about changing the springs is that the handling and ride will be affected. But there's no such thing as an easy way to get both better ride and handling ... engineers spend countless hours agonizing over these goals.

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