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Rx 330, Nav System

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I posted this message March 2005 and received no replies that I could ascertain. It looked like I got about 23, but I couldn't find them. Thought I would give it another shot and see if anybody has a response.

March 2005

I have a RX 330, 2005 model. I would like to play DVD's through the navigation system; I understand that this may not be possible because of the coding charactorists of the player vis-a-vis the disk (incompatable systems) I would appreciate a comment or two on this subject.

I would also like to bypass the DVD lockout when the vehicle is in motion. I have found www.rocoto.com/siennamods/body_dvd_mod.html

that speaks to this modification on a 2004 Sienna. It appears to be very simple task.

My question pertains to the wiring diagram supplied at this web site:

1. Are these the same color code as on the RX330......... THE ANSWER IS NO!

2. Where may I find info on removing the bezel. (Toyota does a remarkable job of hidding entry points!) see below

Found out how to pull bezel

Remove the following clip on parts:

The simulated wood cover cover around the shift lever

The cover on the dash that has the 12vt source

Both these items snap off

Remove four bolts that hold the radio panel. All bolts are 10 mm. Two of these bolts are about 2 inches into the dash. Suggest magnetic socket. Two are up front and easily seen (leave the black screws alone)

Remove the radio and bezel from the dash (clipped at this point)

Remove the upper navigation and bezel by removing two bolts and then pulling to unclip.

The bezels are attach to the radio and the Navigation display (Info Only)

There are two connectors going into the nav system NONE COMPLIES WITH THE REFERENCED COLOR CODE ABOVE. (red/white and purple/white)

Does anybody have the proper color code to perform the above modification and to which connectors are they attached? This becomes a little bit trickie because there are two connectors and the the same colors wires go into the driver side and passenger side connectors on the nav unit. I believe one is for the TV and the other for the Nav unit???? Only an assumption

if you would prefer to discus this modification via email, please contact me at unemou@hotmail.com

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