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Help Please. Need Longer Studs For Ls400.


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Hello eveyrone thank you for taking the time to read this. I have a 91ls400. I am tring to fit some rims on them. They are 18x9.5 with 255s on them. The problem with the fronts tire is that i need to run a 15mm spacer so that it wount rub the suspension control arm. This caused the stock wheel studs to max out and i cant fit a lug nut over them. What extended wheel studs will fit onto my car? Also the rear tire fits fine without any spacers but the studs are too short as well.

Some help would be great appreciated.

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I dont know what wheels you have to go on your car,but id bet even if you can get longer studs or spacers the next problem you wheel have,will be that the tops of the outside of the tyres will hit and rub on the front wheel arches(fenders).

Theres loads of posts on this and the uk LOC with problems with aftermarket wheels.Lexus use a un common wheel offset.You many need to have the front arches rolled so the wheels wont rub.



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