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Skipper Es300 Aero Body Kits

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I am looking at buying a skipper body kit for l-tuned parts and was wondering if anyone here has onn. I have a 95 Es300 with air ride kit in and was wondering how low the kit drops the car so I know if it will bottom when I drop my car down. any info on the kit would be nice

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P.S also if anyone knows of any other kits please post

I hate lower bolt on kits I think they make the body lines look like crap I like cars with smoth out body lines no seems and all the other L-tune kits try to make the car look to much like an older BMW and I hate BMW I bought this car because it had smoth flowing body lines and I find that the skipper dose the best job of keeping that look. I also hate cars that try to look like a space ship. As a musle car owner and bilder I like cars that hav more clases then flash. I like the look of the car but I dont like the visible lower driprail and would like a lower profile to go with my air ride

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There are other kits on L-tuned. In my opinion, the Skipper is the worst looking. Check Autocouture Exclusive and Signature.

I couldn't agree more. The Skipper Kit looks like they put a hovercraft skirt on the front and rear - the outward flare is way too pronounced and totally wrong for the car - not to mention the bumper looks like it was a stick-on afterthought. Too ricey for me.

Go with the Signature Kit. It is by far the most subtle and best looking one out there for your gen car. The only thing I think the Sig kit needs a little help on is the side skirts - too angled for the smooth lines of that year ES.

Remember - Lexus is about class not crass

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