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Diagnostic Code 45

Paul Sherman

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Good Morning:

I have a '93 LS400 with 178K miles on it.

The 'trac' light was coming on sometimes (tires not slipping),

which implied a problem being logged. Sometimes, when it

happened while the engine was cold, the car would hesitate and

surge a little.

Using the info you all provided, I got the car into diagnostic mode

and it came up with

45 "When idle switch ON, main throttle position sensor signal

is 1.5V or higher"

What does that mean, and what do I do to fix it?

Again, this is one of the best support sites I've seen.

Thanks to all.

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Might try cleaning the TPS sensor as your code indicates wrong voltage at idle. I don't know how you clean it, but someone has mentioned it. Also the TPS on your TRAC (if you have it) is apparently the same. Could try swapping the sensors. If this works, just buy a new TPS.

Good luck


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