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Low Tweeter Volume 94 Ls400 Nakamichi

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The stock nakamichi in my 94 LS400 sounds OK, but the tweeters have very low volume output. All of the other speakers seem fine. Does anyone know where the crossover is for the door speaker and the tweeter? I heard that both the tweeter and the door speaker were fed by same wire..... Is there a crossover in the door? Any idea what the problem may be (amp, crossover, bad tweeter) and where to begin troubleshooting? Or maybe the tweeters just don't put out very much.........'


Larry Henderson

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Same issue on my 92. In fact, I don't know if they even work or not. Is there a way to test the tweeters to see if they indeed are making any sound? If you turn off the front speakers (fader control), does the tweeters go off too?

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