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Security Code For Radio


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I was in Califronia for about a month and when I got home my battery was dead. Put a charge on it andit started just fine. The "SEC" light comes on the radio and that is all it will do. Trying to reset does nothing. I know my security code. But will not do anything but SEC on the display. I am leaving tomorrow morning to drive the car to my new home in California. Long drive without a radio.



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Did you try and input your code in the radio? I couldn't tell if you were retrying to input the code correctly.

The owners manual tells you exactly how to do it, pushing certain buttons. You have 10 tries, and then you're screwed.

I once drove from Austin, Tx to Boston without a radio-or anything else. Long drive.

Good luck.

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never got the chance. Came up with the SEC right away. Looks different than naormal. Just has "SEC" and no other things show-up/ I did go through the steps in the owners manual but when I pressed the 1 AND 6 BUTTON and on at the same time nothing happen. I am afraid to that I am going to have to take it into the dealer. I am going out to put a new battery in. Maybe disconnecting the battery will make a difference.

Thanks for you input.


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One last try. Maybe the code you have is wrong.

Try using the last 3 numbers of your VIN code. It worked for me.

Don't go to the Lexus stealer unless all else fails. They'll say they have to get into the back of the radio, so get your wallet out...

Keep trying....

Best of luck.

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have you done this?:

Press and hold button 1 and the upper portion of the seek/scan button for 2 seconds. "---" will appear on the screen. Press button 1 the # of times until your first digit of your code appears. Then press button 2 the # of times until your second code digit appears, and so on. Once you have all your digits, press and hold "Scan" button until the screen goes blank. Your radio should now be ready to use.

You have 5 chances to get it right before your radio goes self destruct.

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