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255 50 16 Rim/tires For 1993 Ls400


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Good Morning Lexus fan.

I have 93 Lexus LS400 currently equipped with P225 60R 16 All season tires. Besides, I do have extra rim and summer tires for 255 50 16. Yesterday, I drop off local Good Year tire for replacement of 4 summer tires which 20% or below life left. One of repair guy saw summer tire rim, he said "Do not put 255 50 16 size to 225 60 16 size. Because it will damage on front suspension or control arm etc". I wonder is this information correct? Will damage on vehicle suspension problem with 255 50 16 size of rim/tire set? Any advice appreciated. Thank You.

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I'm not familiar with the possibility of it damaging the front control arm, but I do know you shouldn't go more that 10, maybe 20 centimeters bigger on the tire size over stock (when using stock rims). That means that a 205/65 R15 stock tire shouldn't -ever- be replaced with a 255/50 R16. The beat won't seat and you're asking, nay, begging for a blowout.

That said, are you saying that you have rims that fit 255/50 R16s? If so, have you noticed any rubbing or otherwise before? What's the offset? If your offset is substantially different, I believe that could cause abnormal suspension wear.

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