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Not Very Bright

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I've been searching around on this board for an answer to two question I have. First off my headlights seem very dim. I replaced both lights about a month ago but didn't see much of a difference. I do have some condensation on the inside of the lenses but even when they have dried out the headlights just don't seem to put out much light. High beams work just fine.

The other question I had was my headlights will dim just a little bit when i press on the brakes. After looking around, the answer seems to be that I have a grounding problem so I'll make sure to check the battery and possibly run a new ground.

Any help would be great :cheers:

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Is the lamp front plastic nice and clear? I used some Meguiar's #17 plastic polish on the front of the lens and it cleared up all the yellowing and most all of the cloudiness. Not expensive, and it works great on CD's, too :)

Another thing that may need cleaning is the refractor lens inside the housing, but I think getting to it requires dissassembly of housing, which looks like a real pain.

I think the best way to check if you're getting all the light you're supposed to is to turn the lights on at night and look at them. Anyplace you see "flare" you have loss of light transmission. For example, if you can see the surface of the refractor all lit up, that's a problem. Similarly, if you can see the back and front surfaces of the plastic lens reflecting light, that's light that's not going down the road.

The headlights will dim (slightly) when you hit the brakes because the voltage at the bulb drops (slightly) due to the added load of the brake lamps. It doesn't take much of a change at all for you too see the difference - a tenth of a volt is noticeable.


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