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Headlights, Bulb Size

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i know the bulbs on headlights 98gs300 are size 9006. The foglights are the same size.  BUT what size are bulbs for the 2 smaller lights (daytime driving lights)??

And just in case, those are not the daytime running lights. The DRLs (if you have them) are the highs running at 50%.

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DRL are Highs running at 50%???  So replace them with size 9005 or 194?

Im trying to give my lights the "xenon" look......:)

Mr. Sypher recommends

Now if you want to match your fogs with you 4100K HID's I'd go with the "Razo" Bulbs.. I haven't used them on my GS but I a friend of mine has them on his and they match the factory HID's perfectly.. Now with the wedge-bulb.. I hope yur talking about the wedge-bulb that's in with the highbeam.. If so Polarg bulbs would be the way to go if you really want the inner lights to be lit-up... You have a choice of either the M4 or the M6... I think the M4 will be more to your liking though... As fpr me I'm currently running Philips 6000K HID's, Piaa Superplasma in the highs, Piaa Blue LED wedgebulb in the inner lights, and yellow fogs.
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