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'98 Es 300


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hello. today my dad bought a '98 es300 w/135,000 miles on it from an auction in nj.

while driving the car back to ny, the engine shut in the highway. the car wouldn't start and had to be towed to a garage.

just wondering if there are any common engine problems with the '98 es300 or if someone can give a diagnosis using the very limited information here.

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I know that for the '97 model year (I think up until '99) there is a known engine sludge problem if the oil has not been changed regularly. Do you have the past maintenance records?

Do a search for 'engine sludge' in the ES board... I'm sure you'll find a lot about it.

While the possibility of sludge should not be ruled out, I would assume that it is something less serious, such as a fuel pump. My dad had similar problems with his car turning off on the highway, and it turned out to be the fuel pump.

But hey, some of experts here may be able to diagnose it better than I can with my limited knowledge. :)

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Could be a broken timing belt also. Should have been changed at 90k but I know many people have changed them at a much later interval and they still looked great. How did the car die? Sudden loss of power or gradual? What happened when you tried to restart it? What happened then?

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