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Why Is My Es-300 Noiser After Service?

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Hi Folks,

We have a 96 es300 and just had the plugs and valve cover gaskets replaced. Now the car is louder on accelleration. It almost sounds llike it has headers vs cast iron exhaust -- not that dramatic, but you can hear the pistons firing whereas before I don't think you could. Both my wife an I noticed this immediately after we picked the car up.

The service place doesn't know what it could be. Thank you very much guys...

Anybody have any ideas on this one? Obviously the intake system was removed to get to the rear covers/plugs, and something they did there or in the valve covers make the intake/exhaust sound louder. Sounds more like a hot rod now, which is certainly not why we bought the car! :)

Thanks so much,


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Independent service centers don't use Toyota / Lexus parts, gaskets or sealers and many do not even have a Lexus service manual to guide them through the proper servicing procedures. End result: sometimes a butchered up engine.

Whatever the noise is (loose spark plug, missing valve cover half moon plug, faulty installation of the intake manifold gasket or wrong gasket) it IS likely serious. Continued driving with an upset mechanical condition like this is risky.

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