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Help! Driver's Door Window Creaking Noise

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2001 GS 430:

I have a squeaking/creaking noise coming from the BOTTOM of the Driver's door window when it's all the way up and driving over back street bumps, manholes or potholes. Lube doesn't help (I did that when I thought the noise was coming from the top). If I crack the window about 1/16th of an inch, it stops - or is mostly reduced.

Dealership says no way to adjust window and/or if you could, computer-controlled Auto-up function won't work, claiming nothing can be done...bad design. Hard to believe. Other three windows do it too, but not as much or as loud, plus they're not right by my ear.

Service department says this is common to the GS with early Auto windows.

Can window be adjusted vertically?

Is there a way to remove door panel and insulate or isolate the noise?

Is there a bulletin on this?

Thank you in advance.

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