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I am new to the luxury sport sedans and I am now looking into getting in this market. I have done some searching around just to gain genral knowledge about the GS 400. I am comming from the sport compact scene and I have always admired this ride. I would like to know if there is place to go that would give me more information on this piticular ride and the aftermarket that is out there for it. I have had my fun with the sport compact and I think it is time to move up. Any and all help will be appreciated and thank you for your time. Please provide links......



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Well, this is a good place to ask questions and search for info. If you want to see what may be out there in terms of aftermarket, you can look through here for a sampling:


Although this site does not include everything, it has quite a bit for you to start with. Then come back with specific questions and the members here will try to help.

Good luck.

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