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Blitzenb4 Legacy Test Drive

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hey guys, the other day me and my friend got to test drive one of the 05' subaru legacy B4's w/ 260 hp. personally i would choose this car over the STI! the car was beautiful, luxuary and sport at its finest. it has almost the same performance features as a STI, the only noticable difference is this one comes with a stereo from the factory!

here are the specs, things i like and things i didn't...


-awsome toupe/black perforated heated leather seats.

-selective climate control

-comes in a 5speed manual

-systematic awd

-tachometer lights up like the STI when starting it up (very cool)

-awsome projector lights/foglights

-nice rims

-moderatly priced 25k


-a lot of slop inbetween the throw in the shift (STI short shifter would cure that)

-stiff clutch

-rear windows don't roll down all the way (half way) still haven't fixed that probem from when i owned my old legacy

-boston acoustics sound system

-slower than lexusGS :D

never the less this was a fun car to drive. it goes from 0-60 in no time flat. the dealer kept yelling at me because we were in a residential area and he said that the people would tell the dealership and get him in trouble. anyway there is nothing more satisfying than hearing that turbo spool up and then dump when shifting into second gear. definatly a pimp ride :cheers:

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