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Lx 450, 1996


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I just replaced my Evaporator, Expansion Valve & Dryer.

Took the car to an A/C mechanic to have the system evacuated & charged. The mechanic said the Fan Clutch needed to be replaced. He did no tests but put his hand behind the fan and said, based on the air flow, the Fan Clutch needed replacing. Part ordered along with new belts. He said he did not fully charge the system because the "High Side" pressure went above 300psi when revving the engine.

1) What are the correct High and Low side pressures? Note, I assume the pressures change with the engine RPM and the amount of air across the condenser, is this correct? If it is correct, what is the maximum High side pressure?

2) The A/C is now working, but is operating strangely. There is a strange smell coming through the vents whenever the fan is running at low speeds. Any idea what this smell might be and why it only happens at low fan speed?

3) Also, I have put a thermometer into the air vent and at lower fan speed or when the Auto Temp button is engaged and a lower fan speed is obtained, the Temperature drops. Why does the temperature drop at low fan speed?

4) Since my A/C is working, how do I determine whether or not the system is fully charged?

Thanks in advance :cheers: ,


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