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Choosing An Ls400


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I had a heart attack a little over a month ago. It helped me do some heavy duty thinking about a lot of things!

One of those things was why shouldn't I have a "nice" car instead of a "so so" car?

In doing some research as to what would be the best car for me at present, I zeroed in on an LS400. I have had a few Mercedes in the past, but feel like an LS400 is a better overall car. My research suggests that the early LS400s were some of the best cars ever built. I like them a lot (plus they are more in line with my current finances).

My question is what features do I weigh into the decision (I feel strongly about traction control and premium sound)? I am not sure about air shocks? I am not totally clear as to what the "GOLD SERIES" has that the other do not?

I have heard that the 1991 has a better braking system?

Any suggestions as to how a find a "pampered" 1991 - 1994 LS400 with well documented service records and relatively low miles (100K to 140K)?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Ideally I could have a Lexus service guy tell me about someone who has treated theirs like gold and are now going to sell it so they can get a newer one?


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