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Adaptive Laser To A Hit


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I have an '01 LS430 with 48k miles. Took a trip recently and lost the cruise control. We have the Ultra package and the car has Adaptive Cruise control. The laser module in the front bumper took a peeble or rock or something, and the lense shattered. The stealer wants $1667.00 for the part, plus labor to install. Anyone else have this happen. Hoping the the replacement module will have a better lense....maybe a lexan cover. My guess is that the module has not been improved. Any thoughts on retrofitting a lexan cover over the lense??? BTW, my insurance will cover the damage, but I will have to pay the deductible..bites no matter how you look at it. Module needs better design. :excl:

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how does that cruise control system work, anyways? seems pretty high tech...


if you have a TAP plastics store in your area, they should be able to help with retrofitting a lexan lense on the laser. good luck.

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When cruise control is engaged the laser 'sees' the vehicle ahead of you and adjusts your speed accordingly so you don't run up on them. I haven't RTFM in detail about the system, but intend to do so when I'm 'fixed'.

Thanks for the source for lexan, will try them :cheers:

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