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How To: Bleed Brakes

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Bleed your brakes in this order: rear left, rear right, front right, front left.

Jack up the car and start with the rear left wheel, then work your way through. Remove the wheel and remove this rubber cap covering the bleeder valve. Get about 2-3 feet of 3/8" clear plastic tubing and place one end over the bleeder valve like in the picture and the other end into a clean container.


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Open up the brake fluid resevoir, place some paper towels around it to make sure brake fluid doesn't spill all over the place (brake fluid damages paint). Fill the resevoir to the max...make sure you keep the brake fluid in the resevoir full at ALL times to avoid getting air into your system.


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Have someone help you do this next part.

Have your help get into the car and pump the brakes 3 times...have them hold the pedal down on the 3rd pump...now you take a 10mm box wrench and loosen the bleeder screw 1/4-1/2 of a turn for about 1-2 seconds then close the bleeder valve (you don't have to tighten it extremely tight, just enough so that the fluid stops flowing). Now instruct your help to release the pedal...check to make sure the fluid level in the resevoir is full...add more fluid to the resevoir to bring it up to the MAX mark every so often...it goes from MAX to MIN in about 5 pumps so make sure you check it all the time. Repeat these steps until the fluid coming out is nice and clear or until there are no air bubbles in the clear plastic tube.

Make sure your help pumps and releases the pedal only when you instruct them to do so. It's very important to keep the brake fluid level in the resevoir full at all times while doing this!!


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