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Removal Of At Shift Lever

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I have a 1997 ES 300 that I recently bought, but one thing is nagging me (other than the Mrs.). On the AT shift knob, the previous owner must have rested his/her hand on it all the time and wore of some of the paint on the leather. New shift levers from Lexus cost $90 so I'm going to replace it, but first I have to take it off. I tried peeling back the clip on the back of the lever, but I quickly retreated when I heard a snapping sound and almost got my eye penetrated by plastic shrapnel.

Any help would be much appreciated. I referenced the manuals to humor myself, but there's no help there concerning R&I of this lever.

Thanks everyone...this is my 1st post. ;)

Here's a pic. of my car shifter nob just to clarify:


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AH HA! Right after I posted this, I found that if you push the sleeve down that is located right under the shift lever, there appears two screwheads just waiting to be taken out. I pulled them both, and can slide the whole shifter up like 4", but then something else is holding onto it. I would just keep yankin', but I'm afraid I might break something and be stranded or worse...forever using a #2 pencil to shift gears.

That would be classy. :D Any help from step #1 on up would be much appreciated.



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