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Should I Buy A 2001 Rx?


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I recently bought a 2000 RX 300 with 53K miles for about $21K. Great deal, but it's in the shop right now awaiting a new engine. :o Luckily for me, I bought a Certified vehicle, so the repairs will be completely paid for by Lexus. If you buy one, do some research into the vehicle's maintenance history. If you're not sure whether the oil changes were done on schedule and the vehicle is not certified, then tread lightly.

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Heya LS430,

I picked up a CPO 2001 RX-300 with 54K in Oct 2003. Paid approx $27,000,

but I had them do the 60K mileage service before I took the vehicle. I'm not

real sure what the Coach Edition is, I've seen some SilverSports with the nicer

grille work, but the Coach maybe is classier in the interior.

Also, mailrail---- it's semi-glad to see Lexus is covering the engine replacement. That's one of the reasons I wanted a CPO, really wanted a Lexus

with some assurances that it's been cared for. If you get a chance, drop a note,

I've never had an problems-but would be interested on how they treated you,

since it's a CPO.

Back to LS430---definitely get the service records on the vehicle, if the

dealership is willing to show you it's been well serviced, that's a major plus.

Good Luck,


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i've also got an 02' coach edition and it's awesome...very reliable, decent power, interior is GORGEOUS...and best of all it isn't Huge like many other luxury SUVs. I say go for it.

btw the coach edition was a 'package' offered that included things like special wood grain trim(birds eye maple), Honeycomb grille, better leather interior, and little things here and there...and of course the coach edition badges.

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