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Interior Creaks/noise/etc...


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I'm happy with my newly acquired ES2001...

I've had it for a week now and I have started to notice some things.

Interior noise!


Was a big reason why I was giving up my 99 TL!

OK, I live in NY where the streets are more like obstacle courses.

Here goes. (You may accuse me of being too noise sensitive but...)

1) Ashtray area rattles when going over moderate to severe bumps.

2) Seatbelt thingy where the seat belt locks into rattles.

3) Something by the rear door on the drive side.

4) Armrest console is rattling.

5) Seats rattle when going over major bumps.

6) Gear shift plastic trim creaks.

Creaky, rattle...what have you...it's definitely interior, not suspention/wheel related.

I've manage to isolate the following:

1) Ashtray area is islotated but I don't know what is causing it!

2) Seatbelt thingy was dependent on how how the seat was and the angle of the thingy. It would vibrate when loose and make a rattle. Raised the seat...fixed.

3)I think the rear door plastics where it touches the window is rubbing against something. All in all, I noticed that the plastic trip isn't really "tightly packed" and it's loose, causing it to rub off of something and make plastic creaky noise.

4) Armest console is missing a rubber "feet". Will get that fixed under warranty.

5) When I "jolt" the seats by pulling on the headrest to pull the entire seat backwards then let go, it will have a "spring-like" action for a brief moment which causes a slow "rattle".

6) Gear shift plastic creaks whenever the car is under "stress"...meaning when I'm breaking hard I guess something is rubbing against eachother causing that plastic creaking sound.

I Hate the rattle and the creak!!!

It's so Honda Civic, don't you think?

I heard soooooo much about the Lexus isolation and was looking forward to it. But I guess these are things you don't really notice at test drives....only after yo uget over the initial excitement and start drving it for real.

I have a appt for service at my dealer on the 17th for other stuff. But I think I'm going to ask them to take a look at these. I doubt they will find anything since these kinds of problems are near impossible to address...

Any help on any of these would be much appreciated.



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