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I have been driving a 2002 RX300

I have replaced the original wheels with BBX 17X7 with Michelin Cross Terain

235X65X17 tires. It made a big difference in ride and handling.

I am about to replace my RX300 with RX330 Sport and I would like to replace

the wheels with 20x8.5 with Good Year HPA Plus 255X30X20 or similar brand.

Any advise regarding the upgrade would be appreciated. :blink:

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i'm riding on 20 x 8.5 on michellin pilot sport a/s 245/40/20 and handling is a lot crisper but the tires are a lot noisier...this is on my rx300 that's lowered 1.2"...i saw in my jdm hyper rev mag (http://myautofashion.com/tohaklvrvvo.html) some rx330s on 20's with the tire size you were looking at and it looked like there was a lot of fender gap...that may have been because it was raise to the highest setting on the air suspension, tho...i can't read japanese that great ;)

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My Dealer thinks that 20X8.5 inch rims would be too big. What brand of rims did you get and why did you lowered 1.2"?

Air suspension option may be a good idea for that. I am told that Toyo Proxes S/T would be a better choice.

i have lsportline model IV 3pc rims. they are in a staggered offset and are direct bolt (NO SPACERS!) i don't remember what my offsets are but i got them from wheelexperts.com...here are some pics http://www.cardomain.com/id/strmrdr426 feel free to rate it ;) i lowered it to minimize on the gap btwn fender and wheel...

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