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Day Time Cluster Brightness At Night

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I recently pondered the same. In a word, no. There are two levels of default brightness, one for day (maximum) and one for night (dimmed). While you can adjust the level with the knob, you can't make it not dim somewhat at night.

What really bugs me is that in "night mode" the speedo dims at a faster rate than the rest of the lights, the radio for example. Therefore, if you don't want the radio blasting 20kW of green glow at you, but you still want to see the speedo at full brightness, you are somewhat screwed.

As seen on page 5 of the Customization Chart under "Light Control" you can adjust the brightness of the (Shift, taillight, headlight, cruise, and power mode indicators) but that's about it. Good god! I'm sure glad that you can turn the "cruise" indicator down. That was really distracting me... <_< They took the time to include customizability of that triviality, yet completely disregarded the overall brightness of the speedo. Go Lexus!

Did you notice that the speedo illumination is not the same green as the rest of the lights? :chairshot:


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