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  1. What would be needed to swap to a 2000 bumper? 2000 foglights and anything else?
  2. Nevermind guys, I feel like an !Removed!. Both the front end looks the same. What are the changes between the 1997 and 2001?
  3. My brother just bought a 97' ES300. The front bumper from the 2001 looks better IMO. What would it take to convert to the newer style bumper? Would the old foglights work? TIA.
  4. I'm in the same situation. I want 19's with closest possible to stock ride. What should I get?
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. Looks like Meguires NXT is the winner. The last time I waxed my car was with Megures Gold Class and it worked quite well. Well thats the best stuff I could find at Autozone. <_< So where can I find NXT?
  6. I have a 98 G400 and the leather has minor scratches and cracks in various spots. Is there a way to restore the leather? What's the best product to use if you were to do it yourself? Are there places you can go to that will do this service? TIA. :)
  7. I found a bee in my filter. You can make one yourself with a $2 Home Depot airfilter. Just cut it and retrofit it in place.
  8. I think you need to post the pictures first.
  9. I would like to wax my car, anyone have any recommendations?
  10. What suspension are you riding on mrsypher?
  11. I want to lower my GS4 with coilovers and still keep the factory smooth ride. Which coilovers are the closest to stock ride?
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