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Clicking Noise After Engine Is Turned Off


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After driving for a while and turning the engine off, I hear a stream of clicking noise from the hood. Right after the engine is turned off, the frequency is quite high, and the frequency slowly reduces and the noise stops completely only after a few minutes. I suppose the duration and the frequency of the noise depends on the time driven.

Is this normal?



99 ES300

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Thanks for the response. I was under the same impression, until I read in another site where someone had reported a similar problem after turning off the engine (their description of the noise was different and vague, however) and was suggested to by a few that there was indeed some problem in the coolant system.

And since I noticed the coolant level to be nearing the Low mark in my car, I got a little panicky and thought the noise in my car may be symptamatic of a larger problem.

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