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Should I Get A Service Contract?


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Looks like we're getting a 1993 LS 400, with 55,000 miles on it. The AC wasn't working, and the dealer agreed to fix it as part of the deal. We're supposed to pick it up today or tomorrow. They offered a service contract - 3 years or 45,000 miles for $1595. It covers most basic repair problems, but not everything. Should I get it? Should it need that much service? Thanks.

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Is the service contract through Lexus for Lexus parts? Then it might be worth it. It's a gamble, of course - no one knows if you'll need it. Is the car in well-cared for condition, or did the previous owner just drive it? AC out at 55k would make me wonder...

Me, personally, I don't buy warranties because I put 30k miles a year on a car, making your offer a 1.5 year warranty for me - not worth it in my mind.

How long will it take you to hit 45k miles or 3 years?

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Thanks for the response. I called a dealer for the service record. They report all scheduled maintenance done at the proper time by a Lexus dealer. About the only non-routine repair was a power steering pump this April, which they said was not surprising with it's age and low mileage.

We usually put about 10,000 miles per year on a car, so the warranty should last the three years.

The service contract covers a standard list of parts and systems, anywhere you have them fixed. It also covers towing "to the selling dealer or the nearest service location." The used car dealer claims that it will pay for towing to the Lexus dealer, which is about 150 miles away.

Also, the repairman at the used car place indicated that they are seeing more and more cars arriving with no freon (or 'non-freon') in them. Somewhere along the line a dealer is taking out the refrigerant. So that may be the only problem with the AC. We'll see.

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