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Lexus ls400

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Hi everyone ive just signed up,i love reading on here, In jan this year i brought a beautiful 1993 ls400 in dark blue,112k full service history,actually over serviced every 4000 miles at lexus .. ive always been a toyota fan ,having them as family cars when growing up, i have a toyota avensis t180 as day to day car,but always liked the ls, at first i was a bit sceptical about running fuel costs but i am very surprised how good it is,whats 20 pound of fuel for a days driving such a great car! Everything about them way out engineers a new car,the cruise control is excactly the same switch as my 2008 avensis so just shows toyota uses that phase if it aint broke dont fix it.... any way its an old car now so a couple of issues i want to ask you guys ,ive put a new rubber seal around boot as was getting condensation, the instrument panel the tips of needles dim,it doesnt bother me but would wonder if a cheap fix? i like to do things myself if i can, ive had a problem with the radio/cd its the pioneer premium sound system and the sound fades away and sometimes dont work at all the display works as do the antenna ,ive just ordered an amp of ebay so hopes it solves it, i just wondered as the sound quality aint as i was exptecting maybe 20 years have passed and i was expecting better? any how i look forward to hearing from some of you i will upload pics soon of my car cheers Dan

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Hi Dan....welcome to the Club

The best bet is to have mooch through the posts on here as I'm sure someone will have had the same problems and there will be many solutions to them.

Look forward to seeing a piccy of the IS

Cheers,   Trevor

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you are right. the pinnacle of Engineering for the time. and unfortunately, companies no longer push the limits. so the LS400 is special. -it  is to luxury sedans what the NSX is to mid engine sports cars.

glad to see you are proud of your car.  enjoy it.

* remove the seat side trunk lining. condensation can build on the tank. re: cold fuel, warm air. worth a check.

the dash? LED kits are available. bit of a faff. but can be done. or slap the dash and see it that works. (stale connections)

Stereo? buy a head unit, the correct adapter for your loom. and redo it.


here for anything you need to discuss to work out issues. as we might have the same.


oh. pics?

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