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  1. hi all, I'm looking for AWD for riding to Tahoe in winter time. I know about Acura MDX, but it's too big for our needs and also has low MPG. How good is RX350 AWD vs Subaru Outback V6? Are AWD owners happy with RX350? Or you may look for something else? Michael.
  2. hi, I need to do timing belt and water pump to my ES330 as well. Any recommended place to go in San Jose, CA or around 25 ml? Thanks
  3. looks like 1010keys at ebay could be my way to go ...
  4. Hi all, My key casings plastic got cracked and I can't use the key any more. I found that there is even Lexus specific TSIB BO005-06 for this matter that said about "bad" plastic used and have to be replaced by better one. However, my car 2004 is out of 4 years warranty to be covered. And I got quote from local Lexus service for this key casing as $80.00 !!! Is that quoter size plastic so expensive? Or something so special to it? Any idea where I can get this plastic cover for less? Otherwise as last resort I see to use epoxy to be able continue use ignition key.
  5. Brake Pads For Es330. What To Get?

    which one would be better: OEM or Akebono both at about the same price. Any other links to OEM for less are very welcome. tnx.
  6. hi, What kind of brake pads you can recommend to replace old? From what web site to buy it? I have 60k mi on my es330 and above 2mm on pads. I don't want to wait for 1.6mm and want to replace all pads at once. Should I look at OEM only? Or there are newer, better pads? tnx
  7. yes, it's better after re balancing was done I may say that I don't sense vibration as it was before :D they put 29psi to Primacy MXV4 H, but it feels as under inflated and I see MPG drop vs old ER30 tires that I kept at 32psi and I didn't see uneven ware much. What psi do you use?
  8. yes, I went back to the store and all tires were re checked as result driver tire was off balance - as I was told - not by much, but enough that Lexus car feels vibrations (too delicate car) - it was explained to me 3 others were perfect strange as the store has balancing machines - why not to do it in the 1st time? after re balancing was done I don't feel vibration as it was before, but I didn't ride much - just got back home through traffic will ride more tomorrow to be sure it's gone
  9. Hello, I got new 4 tires installed the last Friday at American Tires / DT (Brokaw, near Fry’s in San Jose.). Costco refused to install H and don't have V. I got Michelin Primacy MXV4 H as I was not able to get Primacy HP in my size  Those replaced Bridgestone ER30 Now I got some sort of vibration – left / right when speed is higher than 50 – 60 mph What’s strange is that on straight 101 I can take my hands out of wheel and car going perfectly straight for 20 – 30 min – no moving to any side at all, I feel constant left/right vibration. I see that DT made balancing by looking at new lead attachments to rims. I plan to do alignment, but if car doesn’t pull to any side – should I do it? What else can I do / check? BTW – those Primacy are not as silent as former ER30 :0-( - it more noise , but have 500 vs 1xx rating. thanks
  10. Hello all, Any one has or tried newer Michelin Primacy HP tires? Those are summer touring highway tires. Suppose to be less noisy than Primacy MXV4. However, UTQG 240 vs 500 for MXV4. I do 90% highway and not much into performance (police started ticketing left and right for speeding). So, I'm looking for comfort tires vs performance. What do you think? Thanks.
  11. I checked with multiple Costco in my area and no one can order Primacy H - rep called Michelin and all got the same answer - 215/60r16 were discontinued and can't be ordered any more :-( I have to change my tires in 3 next months and I don't know what to do :o Costco recommends BG Goodrich T/A or Mich Exalto What to do?
  12. Thanks - looks over complicated. But, I got very good points about wiring in case I'll do it :P I'm think about after market kit.
  13. '04, Es330 Tires ?

    What do you think about Kumho LX Platinum tires. Those are rated very high at tirerack, but cost far less then Primacy. Any one tried those already?
  14. Hello, Could you recommend Parking Sensor Kit? Please. I'd like to have 4 rear and 2 or 4 for front bumper. How to know sensor quality upfront? I see many at ebay, but no idea which one is good and which isn't. I don't need backup camera as I don't want to replace rear view mirror. Is LCD display useful or just buzzer is enough? For example eBay link what do you think about this one? Thanks.
  15. How much "V" diff from "H"? is it just speed rating that "V" can go to 149 mph, where "H" less? I can't drive even 90 mph - the best up to 80 mph - to avoid speed tickets. Does ES330 really need 149 mph tires on 65 speed limit freeways? tnx