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  1. I'm still beating this tire Noise thing. I've tried various pressures. 32 to start. Michelin dealer suggested 35. Tried that. Then went to 30 (less noise) Now I'm trying 29 as suggested by manufacturer. The Tires are just Noisy Maybe it, really is my ears. Car rides and handles well. According to most everyone these tires are the better of the bunch available.
  2. My '04 came with Bridgestone Turenza tires that lasted 18,000.0 miles.---Good Tires, but short on tread life-- The Dealer replaced them with Michelin MXV4 -Plus, Tires--(tires say M & S on Sidewall) but dealer says they are All Season-which are also identified, as such, on the Michelin web site. My wife an I feel that they "whine" . Dealer checked them and says --all is OK--. I drove other Lexus models , with "Eagles" and they whine worse. Question... Have others had similiar problems, on their Lexus, with Noisy tires ?? Or is it me ?
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