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  1. This is bullsh_t. Probably too late to do anything now, but if the car was brand new, then you were defrauded and a letter to your Attorney General naming the dealer in question and copied to Lexus USA and the local TV stations is in order.
  2. Of course you can - providing you have 18" wheels! The Pirelli Cinturato P7 A/S Plus is probably the best luxury car tire out there.
  3. The "warranty enhancement" is for the 2007 LS and the 2006-2008 IS. Your car isn't covered under it but if you have a good relationship with your dealer, they might go to bat for you with Lexus Corp. If it's Johnson Lexus, though, don't bother - they are a total waste of time.
  4. Dealers are aware of this warranty enhancement. They can pull it up on their computer in seconds.
  5. Just FYI, Lexus has a "warranty enhancement" for this defect now.
  6. Toyota are replacing these defective dashboards under a goodwill warranty now. Contact your dealer.
  7. Find a new dealer! The vents are available on e-bay for $50-$100.
  8. Are you sure it's not just the crown of the road pulling you to one side?
  9. Look in the owner's manual. They specifically discuss this.
  10. Call Lexus Corporate. Tell them what has happened and ask them to contact the SELLING dealer. Somewhere, there should be a record of exactly what happened. You did buy the car new?
  11. For what it's worth, the price quoted ($5130) to the OP is more consistent with the dealership replacing ALL of the front control arms. Still a heck of a bill. Add $750 for the waterpump and the Easter bunny ain't coming to his house this year!
  12. Have you tried e-bay? You can only get the maps on a USB drive but I'm sure some enterprising soul in the middle east could load them onto the hard drive for you.
  13. There is no problem running the same size tires on the rear IF the wheels are the same size. The 18" rear wheels on the IS250 are wider than the front wheels. I wouldn't want to run 225 on them (the stretched fit on the rear, relative to the front,will cause strange handling) and the tire dealer knew that, too, hence the offer to replace them with the correct size tire essentially for free.
  14. You need to go back to the selling dealer - they should have a record of any "pre-delivery inspections/adjustments".