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  1. Car is now up for auction and can be seen here reserve!
  2. Selling my 1997 SC300 5-speed vin: JT8CD32Z7V1000625 miles: 148,037 (might go up by a handful, but not by much) Car is located near Lincoln, NE The car is in good shape, but is a 20 year old car and in a couple of areas, shows it. It spent most of its life on the east coast and does have some light rust. The passenger door is the main offender as seen in the pictures. In the past couple weeks I replaced a portion of the AC lines, accessory belt tensioner, accessory serpentine belt, and the o- ring on the distributor, which was leaking a small amount of oil. Other recent work includes new struts a couple of years ago. While it was at the Lexus dealership for the AC line repair and recharge they gave me a diagnostic breakdown that I will include scans of. The problems they found they told me weren't immediate problems, just something they were obligated to report. The car has been in a few accidents over its life but the title is clean. I know it took an impact on the front before I owned it, but the only one that it has been in while I've owned it happened on New Years a couple years ago. Someone slid into it on the drivers front side. Hence the headlights on that side are newer. Also, the rear bumper, in certain light, is a shade off from the rear quarters, which leads me to believe it was repainted at some point. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Photos can be seen here: