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  1. Just put the newest version of the map DVD (came out this/last month - I think it's 9.1, but can't remember) in my 2006 GS300. Technically, my dealer wouldn't let me do it - they said they had to "install it for me" and charged me $7.50. Whatever...hopefully this isn't going to matter at the end of my question. I'm trying to figure out how to make it so that myself (or my wife for that matter) can use the Navi (and phone, if possible) functions while the car is in motion. 1) I've seen the thread where a forum member cut & spliced a few wires and got his to work. 2) I saw that there was supposedly another way to do it, but couldn't get the link to work. So, I guess I'm looking for my options. Will the wire splicing method work, regardless of the Navi DVD version? Is there a less invasive way of doing this (I think I've seen someone say there was, but that it was costly) and if so, what is this less-invasive method. I guess I've searched around on the board and have a LOT of great information, but I'm looking for my bottom line choices here before I start messing around and accidentally screw something up! I still don't understand why it is that Lexus doesn't allow someone in the passenger seat to use the NAVI - why not put a weight sensor in the passenger seat so that it can only be done when someone is sitting there (just an idea). My wife's Honda Pilot let's her.....and it's a Pilot! Thanks, in advance for all your help!
  2. Asking the dealer was my first try before he directed me to this forum, actually. They wouldn't do it for <ding> security issues. Way to hit that nail on the head.
  3. So, if I'm generation 4, does that mean that I won't have an update....or are there updated maps for Gen4 vehicles? Thanks - sorry for the ignorance. Never replaced a Navi DVD before.
  4. Great help guys - I really appreciate it. The Boxster didn't have any DRL's. The BMW did, but I had them disabled by the dealership and had them keep the Halo's on. The M35 never had any - not sure why - but I figured they would. Speaking of, I hated that car. Had to add that comment. I think that I'll wait for a little bit and see if I get sick of the DRL's on the Lexus. If so, I'll just upgrade to whiter bulbs like the ones suggested. But I'd never really thought about the fact that they'd help in parking garages. I noticed it the other day when I was in one - but I guess it just never occurred to me that, if I got rid of them, that I'd end up having a different problem. Thanks again!
  5. I just got my first ever Lexus (and it could be the best car I've ever owned)....but the seller in California (had it shipped to Ohio) thought he was doing me a favor by getting me a burned copy of the "most recent" Navi maps. As you could probably imagine, the DVD doesn't work properly. Half the time, I can't use any of the buttons/features, and it seems that, the hotter it is outside, the more problems it has with reading the disc. I guess I wish he would've left the old one in there for me as well, and while I've talked to him a couple times since the purchase, it doesn't seem he's too motivated to get me the original. Instead, he wants to send me a new, burned copy. So, my questions to all of you - 1) For a 2006 Lexus GS300, do I need a specific version of the Navi DVD, or can I buy whatever the newest version is? and 2) If I can get the newest version, what version would that be? I've seen 8.1 on Ebay a lot, but haven't seen anything newer (and it looks like 8.1 is for 2007 models) Thanks again, in advance...
  6. Just bought my first ever Lexus - after a Porsche Boxster, BMW 330, and most recently, an Infiniti M35....and I'm pretty convinced that this could be the best car I've ever owned. Just a couple things I'm trying to fix (this is the first of two threads).... I can't stand how the daytime running lights are a pale yellow. I either want to somehow disable them - or change the bulbs. First off, opinions, anyone? Secondly, if the answer is to somehow disable them, what's the "how" in somehow? Thanks in advance....