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  1. I found out the answer. With the key on, hold down the trip mileage reset button. While still holding down, turn off the key, then turn it back on. I think you don't release until the Maintenance light stops flashing.
  2. I have a service light under the speedometer and service reminders on my DVD/Audio console. I reset the ones on the DVD console after I serviced it myself but the yellow light still comes on during startup. Anyone know how to turn it off or reset it without going to the dealer?
  3. 4N is for power winches connected to your drive train. This is rare but you can connect a power winch to your transmission through the right access port under your vehicle. When you use a winch, you are not moving the vehicle so the 4N disengages the front and rear wheels from the transmission. You still use the engine and throttle to control the speed of the winch. The winch has it's own on/off controls.
  4. I agree it's not that difficult. My LS400 had a way around it without removing the cover. 10 minutes more work. Dougjohn, That was too easy. But it did liven my spirits. This was my first time in this forum. I was worried when yours was my only response. Thanks again to both of you.
  5. Thanks JR. That was what I didn't want to hear. Thought there might be some kind of trick or access door.
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