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  1. Hi, I am planning to upgrade the stock rims on my 93 LS400. I found a really nice set from a 05 ES330. So everything seems to match up except for the offset.. On the LS400 the offset is +45, on the ES330 is +50. My question is, will it fit without rubbing? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have noticed an issue today, i own an 2005 Es330, so while driving and listening to music my navigation screen went off, the music went off as well, no reaction. Ive stopped, took the keys out, restarted, but the screen remained off. After a couple of hours it worked again but I'm afraid its something wrong with it. I've also noticed that when i switch between reverse and parking the screen resets itself as if I'd start the car. Can you explain what can be the reason? and what are the possible outcomes? Thank You Update: Jan29. The screen is dead. Gotta go to the Lexus Center, see wh
  3. Thanks for your help but can you point a website where i can get the avs shocks if that will be the problem?
  4. Apparently i've posted my topic in the wrong category, could the administration delete this? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'd like to buy chrome mirror covers for my 05 ES330, does anyone knows where can i find them in general? I've been searching online for a couple of days and found nothing what could fit my car. Thank You, Happy Holidays.
  6. Hi, I'd like to buy chrome mirror covers for my 05 ES330, im considering this as the appropriate one. As i've asked the seller if it will fit my car (since it says that its for an 06 ES330) he told me that this is going to be for the 06 - 07 only. I was wondering, isnt the body for the 05-06 Es330 the same? Thank You, Happy Holidays. Does anyone knows where can i find some chrome door mirror covers in general? I've been searching online for a couple of days and found nothing what could fit my car.
  7. Hello, I have an 2005 ES330 Lexus (Fully Loaded), starting from yesterday, i've heard some kind of noise which sounds like my shock absorber from the front left hand side is damaged. Can you guys tell me where can i get the shock absorber online? (Except for the dealership). Is it a regular shock absorber or its a special one? Thank You.
  8. Hi, I own a Lexus Rx300 2002, the problem is that it doesn't heat properly inside. The fan is blowing air, it sounds like crazy but actually it blows an small amount of air and it isn't hot as it suppose to be, it's just warm. I don't know how to fix it, checked the changed the air filter but it wasn't the case. If i let the air from outside to flow inside the interior "sweats" (condensation of air on the inside of the windshield). What can it be? Are there any other filters to check? Thanks.
  9. I guess i'll try to find some different rims, since those ones are fitting "too tight", they are too wide and the tires might rub against the shock absorber (i don't want too use the spacers). My bet is to look for 18x7 with the same offset of 35 which you got Richard. Thank you
  10. Hi guys, I'm new in here, plus i'm not really good at english but ill try to explain my problem. So, i'm planning to change the tires and rims for my Lexus Rx300 2002 Coach Edition. The rims which i have right now are the stock rims : 16x6.5(i didnt checked the offset yet) tires: 225/70/R16; I got an offer from a friend of mine, he owns a 2008 Toyota RAV4, the dimensions are: 18x7.5 (Offset: 39); Im planning to buy new tires as well: 235/55/R18 or 225/60/R18; One more thing: Im looking for Lexus Wheel Center Caps which will fit those rims as well. Where can i find those? Can you tell m
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