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  1. I have a 2000 GS400. I am having trouble with my touch screen responding, and I am going to test the pins etc. I saw threads saying the instructions are on here to remove the nav/display but I don't see one similar to a GS400. I specifically need to know how to avoid breaking the clips on the A/C vent and ashtray. Can someone point me to some detailed pics or tell me what to do. I saw where you just put a "pry tool" in the corners and the clips will unlock. Has anyone done this before?
  2. ok, here is the finality of this thread. first off, SRK and 1990LS400 you were right about the setting me up, lube etc. The second mechanic replaced the valve cover gaskets, spark tube seals and vent seals. he showed them to me and in his expert opinion they are all the originals from the factory. that was the whole problem, they just needed replacing. (although, that is the 4th time I have paid someone to do it.) so no new engine needed. you guys were right on. Thank you for all the help.
  3. The second mechanic said all I need is to have the gaskets replaced. They both leak from the vents. They leak on the alternator which shorts out, but I don't think these leaks will be enough to short it. I also wonder how long it will continue to fire with oil in all the tubes.
  4. Now I'm really confused. I went to the dealership and we tested the cylinders. Their gauge shows 80-90 psi on cylinders. So I saw no need to have them pull off the valve covers. I don't know how one mechanic shows 120-130 and another shows 80-90. The dealership said the only thing they could think of was the cylinders were not dry when he tested compression.
  5. Well, it sounds as if you two gentlemen's instincts were correct. The second mechanic said I got completely robbed. He said all 8 cylinders have between 120 and 130 psi which in his opinion is normal for 220K miles. He says the dealership never replaced the valve cover gaskets and that is all I need to replace. He also believes they never replaced the rear seal, since the exhaust bolts are rusted and don't show any signs of recently being un-bolted. I am in contact with the owner of the dealership to get my money back. We will see how that goes (but my sister is an attorney).
  6. SRK, I said I have not been taking the car on the Interstate (to reduce) the oil leaking. I just let my wife use it around town. I drive round trip 160 miles a day to work. Do you think I should take it to work (Interstate travel) while it has the diesel in it? Or should I continue to just use it around town while the diesel works on the pistons?
  7. No, the dealership says compression is bad. But when I went back about 2 weeks later, they say they don't have specific psi numbers or how many cylinders were low. They didn't save any of that. The valve covers are leaking even with new gaskets (from the vent and pcv valve). What other info. should I get for you to help? I will let you know specific data after the compression test friday, but let me know of any other data I should try to get while I have it at the shop. I mean we are tallking about a dribble coming out both covers, so I don't think the current state would mean adding alot of oil in-between changes. The reason I don't just ignore it and keep driving is, I have replaced two alternators due to these oil leaks shorting them out. Also, I have noticed alot of soot on the back bumper/trunk. And I keep thinking I smell gas in the exhaust fumes.
  8. 1990LS400, The dealer says they did compression test. I am going Friday to have a local shop do another one so I can get specific data. What makes you say I am getting hosed. Oil is leaking from PCV valve on drivers side valve cover and from vent on passenger valve cover. SRK, Having heard all of the info. do you still think I need to run the diesel oil? I was going to try it today.
  9. I would say only a little oil loss. I change it about every 10,000 miles; I don;t specifically remember adding any in-between, so it must not have been significant. It has been leaking for a good 8 months, and any oil I added was minimal. That being said, only within the last 2 months did I have both valve cover gaskets and front and rear seals replaced. The dealership would keep saying it's the valve covers, then the rear seal. When we replaced all and it was still leaking they discovered it was blowby. I knew before they did that something was wrong, because about in 2008 I had the valve cover gaskets replaced. So it struck me as odd that they were leaking again.
  10. SRK, my engine has 225,000 miles. The replacement engine the dealer found has 80,000. I will definitely try the diesel oil. I stopped taking it on the Interstate I only let my wife use it around town. And I put in a can of restore, and it doesn't leak at all. One question, the detergents will let the rings move on the piston freely? That will seal the cylinder and reduce or stop the blowby? I was assuming there was just a gap between cylinder wall and ring that couldn't be filled.
  11. 1990LS400, what would you suggest? Should I try someone besides the dealership? Can a regular shop do the engine swap? They wouldn't need proprietary Lexus diagnostic computers to tune etc.? Because the dealership isn't buying off of ebay, nor will they let me and bring it in.
  12. Guys come on don't go into conspiracy mode. No one is setting me up. I didn't know you can't re-build the engine. I said I would like to re-build instead of installing a used engine. I am going to get a quote from them to explain the costs. I do know the engine in the quote has 80,000 miles.
  13. they say i am getting blow-by. they changed front seal, rear seal, valve cover gaskets and oil is still leaking out of the valve covers on both sides.
  14. yes, i got a quote of 5600 to install a used engine. I would like to find a company that sells re-built engines instead. I would prefer that to a mechanic re-building it. I'm not sure I would trust one to do it correctly.
  15. Can someone recommend a mechanic near New Orleans that can rebuild my 2000 GS400 engine? The dealership says they don't do it.
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