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  1. The version I have is 04.2. It's difficult to understand that I would be out of the detailed coverage on a unit that cost $1,800. My $150 hand held covers the area. In fact I haven't found a location that the hand held doesn't cover. Overall the hand held unit is much better even though it isn't always correct. We used the hand held unit on a 6,700 mile trip and it worked in all areas. Every now and then we try the Lexus guidance but have found it to be so unreliable that we just don't bother with it. The screwy guidance I mentioned was in Los Angeles. I have also had trouble with locations
  2. I have a 2004 LS430 which we purchase new. Overall we are very satisfied with the car except the navigation system has never worked well. It can't give guidance in most of the area where we live. Now we live in a rural area but our house is in a gated community with 2800 homes. The development is about 30 years old. It shows the roads on the screen but won't give directions. This area is about an hour from Sacramento towards Lake Tahoe. The road guidance we do get is awful. We were told to bring the car in and supposedly they updated the software under warranty but it still sucks. While drivin
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