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  1. I found an used airflow sensor off a salvage lexus on ebay that was under 35k miles. I changed the old one but the check engine light is still on. What should I do now? Do they charge to clear the check engine code? Should I also get a engine tune-up just in case?
  2. I don't remember. Should I go back to autozone and get the codes? Will the computer still tells me the codes even when the check engine light is not on?
  3. So I'm looking under the hood and I see the air flow sensor. So I just unplug the wires clip from it, undo the two screws, pull out the sensor and put the new one back in with the screws and clip plug? Is there anything else I should do, like spray some kind of cleanser on the new sensor? Or replace a filter or something? And what are other brands out there that are low cost? I also noticed that from the last scan at Firezone, I have driven about 100 miles and the check engine light has not come on yet. Shouldn't it come on right away or something?
  4. Check engine light came on and I took it to the autozone to get scanned. They said it was either the O2 sensors or the catalytic converter that would need replacing. I then took it to Firestone and they scanned it and told me that I would have to the replace the airflow sensor and the O2 sensor. I forgot what bank or sensor it was. They quoted me totally to replace everything to be $1200. $300 for air flow sensor, $300 for labor for air flow sensor, $300 for O2 sensor and another $300 for labor for O2 sensor. But then they tried to cut me a deal and would take off the labor for the O2 sensor and would only charge me $900. I told them I'd consider it and tried to leave but then they told me that I should do it as soon as possible and the the best thing to do was at least replace the air flow sensor. They said that sometimes its because of a bad air flow sensor that affects the computer into thinking the O2 sensor is bad. So then I left. I looked up the sensors online and found out I could get them at much less prices and the repair work for just the air flow sensor alone would not equal up to an hour. But I still don't know where exactly I should get these and the lowest prices and exactly the steps on how to replace them. The most I've done so far is opened the hood and found where the air flow sensor was. Can anyone also tell me what are the consequences when driving with a bad air flow or o2 sensor?