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  1. I know it may sound :( but can you powder coat a lower front control arm???) or sandblast it? if so what about the wheel bearing thanks
  2. PURCHASE! PURCHASE! PURCHASE! 9500 for SC400 (can't believe i talked him down that much, had money in my pocket!) the clinching deal... 2 things... 1) the timing belt was done at 54,000 miles by the mercedes dealership that he bought the car from... then he had it done again when he took it in for service at lexus dealership right after purchase less than 600miles later... the regular maintenance done by that dealership was key in my purchase (i spoke to the dealership) 2) he had also 4 new yokohama's on the car.... i checked the spare ,it also was a yokohama and new... he had repalaced it
  3. i called the lexus dealership that had serviced the 96, and they said it was VERY VERY regularly maintained... however only driven 4 k in the last 3 years... they pulled the records for me and were adament about that. the mechanics i hired spent 3 hours on the 92 and basically said good car... needs a few things... coolant reservoir, headlights are glazed over with uv fuzz and brakes are shot both front and back... still any more thoughts... i feel these cars are depreciating quickly and if i spend 11k or so on the 96 it won't be worth much in 5 years... however the 92 is already at the
  4. decisions 1997 sc400 under 60,000 miles ($10 000) vs ($5500)1992 with about 90,000 miles the 1997 is mint, original paint, very well maintained according to lexus dealership owned by men in late middle age (58 current owner).... three minor accidents none worth more than 1100 in repairs 10000 1992 90,000 verified miles... 6 minor accidents no claim higher than 600 bucks, less well maintained however still in good shape according to 3 hour mechanic inspection. needs brakes, leak in coolant fluid, and leaking oil from engine and tranny.... (they think it is just gaskets) not original paint
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