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  1. My 99 RX allowed me to reset the avg MPG anytime, not just an auto system when refilling fuel Has a :( nyone figured out how to override so that the avg MPG can be reset anytime, such as driving down the :o freeway when you would like to see pure hwy MPG?
  2. Nitrogen is inert. Since it will not burn it is used in airplane and some other tires for safety reasons. It has been proven that the nitrogen molecule passes through the tire wall more slowly than oxygen, so the rate of pressure loss with pure nitrogen. The difference is very small. You might see a difference over six months or a year. As someone already said, air is only 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. It simply is not worth a nickel for an automobile. There could be advantages for 18 wheelers, but only for safety in my mind.
  3. In my almost new RX350 fitted with XM Radio, I complained to the dealer that the seek button would not go through all channels one by one when in XM mode. It goes to the next channel or jumps some numbers, then will return to the first number. The service attendant gave me a printout of the XM channels and explained that the radio will only circulate through the channels within a given category(examples: Country and Folk; Pop and Hits, etc.). I gave up because this is so ridiculous. Everything else works fine, and, I can use the tuner, but, in my Yukon, I love to go through all the channels us
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