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  1. haha i'm glad you liked it- no one else seemed to! No idea why everyone gets so defensive...

  2. tmalhi23, i have what you need- i posted pics and details at the thread.

    If you want it, just let me know your shipping info and i can send it to you- no charge.

  3. pushnoyj,

    Not yet- i'm still in the process of getting my summer set of tires put on. I think i'm going to take it to the Lexus dealer and ask if they can check out the TSB that might have something to do with it...

    The noise is getting considerably more noticeable as time progresses though. It's VERY annoying!

  4. What do you mean when you ask where the power source is for the rear sills? I just used voltage going to the bulb that illuminates the ignition key ring. I then sent a double wire (for pos and neg) down the dash, and along the perimeter of the interior to each of the 4 sills. This way, the sills would go on when the doors are opened =)

  5. Hey,

    That's exactly what I did with the front sills, I cut about an inch off at the top, but that's just an estimation, make sure you measure the exact amount that needs to be cut. Just cut a little at a time until it fits. You make need to fashion some clips to hold the sills down as well. I believe I actually screwed the rear sills to the adjacent panels (interior door pill...

  6. Unfortunately I don't have a DIY written up for the door sill mod.. All i have are pics:

    It's perfectly OK to "help" on these forums, just as long as no money is exchanged.

    As for locating a set of the door sills, they pop up on ebay often. You can email these people, http://myworld.eba...

  7. Ohh, i was banned from clublexus a while ago; i was going to modify someones gauge cluster for money, but apparently it wasn't allowed on the forum...

    You can add the rx330 scuff plates into the Rx300 but it takes a bit of cutting, heating & bending, and a lot of work. It's not a simple remove & replace. Just remove the bezel around the key ignition and find the bulb...

  8. Hi Halim, I'm sorry I don't have any Rx300 armrests =( you could try ebay though! Or you could have yours repaired...

  9. Not sure about the speaker issue, but if the tail light goes on when you tap it, there must be a lose connection somewhere near the bulb. Take it out and see if it goes on when you wiggle the bulb etc.

  10. Hi. Make sure the dimmer switch knob (located at the side of the steering column) is NOT in the MAX setting. Try turning the knob counter clockwiswe just past the "click". Then at night, hit the display button on the nav unit, and you should see a "day/night" mode button on the screen. Good luck!

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